Fouad D. Ahmed,
D.M.D. Candidate

Third-Year Dental Student at Case Western Reserve University: School of Dental Medicine (Class of 2026)

CWRU SODM Involvement:
- Psi Omega Epsilon Chapter Dental Fraternity: President
- CWRU ASDA: Legislative Liason
- Student Run Health Clinic: Dental Clinical Coordinator
- ASDA District 6: DEI Co-Chair
- Periodontics Club: Vice President
- Middle East & North Africa Club: Treasurer
- Former Dental Assistant at Angel Dental CareUndergraduate Institution: Ohio State Unversity Class of 2022Former Positions:
- CWRU ASDA: Committee of Advocacy Committee Chair (1 year)
- Psi Omega Epsilon Chapter Dental Fraternity: Historian & Social Media Officer (2 years)
- CWRU ASDA: Committee of Health & Wellness Member
- Periodontics Club: Historian (1 year)

Prior Research

I worked at The Ohio State University's College of Optometry as a Research Assistant where I get to do many cool things!What I Do
Ran subjects in multiple experiments pertaining to the research projects going on at the Binocular Vision and Space Perception Laboratory, mainly pertaining to amblyopia. Operated lab equipment (measuring eye accommodation, glasses prescription) and software (MATLAB, Photoshop, Retinal Imaging Software), while keeping up with the information needed to understand how and why the research is being conducted. Input and evaluated data between medical databases of certain patients of the lab.
My favorite task: Designed illusory targets for the newest experiments we were trying to do.


CWRU Student-Run Health Clinic 2023-2024 - Dental Clinical Coordinator
Helped conduct oral exams within the local community Cleveland Community, mainly at the Neighborhood Family Practice in Brookpark, OH.
Ministry of Health in Peru - Maximo Nivel 2024
As a volunteer, provided dental care for children and elderly women in North Cusco's local government-subsidized clinic with the overview of Dr. Yvan and Dr. Elmer.
Constru Casa - Buck-I-Serv 2020
Helped build a house for a local Guatemalan family in the rural areas of Antigua, Guatemala.
Habitat For Humanity - Buck-I-Serv 2019
Assisted in the building of ramps and rehabilitation of homes for those in need in Norman, Oklahoma for around a week.
Habitat For Humanity - Buck-I-Serv 2018
Helped in the roofing and rehabilitation of houses in underserved areas near Birmingham, Alabama for a week.
Received Buck-I-Serv's Leadership Training for future trips but trips were discontinued through 2022 due to unforeseen events

Work Experience, Volunteering, and Shadowing

Further Work Experience:Chemistry Laboratory Assistant
The Ohio State University at Mansfield - Chemistry Department October 2017 - April 2018. Mansfield, Ohio
Prepared the laboratory for chemistry students at the university. Arranged laboratory equipment and chemicals while following safety procedures. Helped assemble the unknowns, and assign the chemicals into the specific containers.
Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital
Patient Transport Volunteer
Summers 2018 and 2019, Cleveland, OH
I provided patients with a mode of comfortable transport to various locations around the hospital. I delivered specimens from different departments of the hospital to the main laboratory. I helped train new volunteers on the ins and outs of the hospital's clinics and labs.
Olentangy Inn Nursing Home
Nurse-Aid Volunteer
February and March 2019, Columbus, OH
At this nursing home, I was able to aid the nurses in a few tasks they needed help with from setting up the tables for eating to providing a little bit of entertainment.
Non-Dental Shadowing
Medical Shadowing:
Wexner Medical Center Emergency Room
Optometric Shadowing (Through work):
The Ohio State University College of Optometry


Reach out and contact me for any questions through the forum below !

That's Me!

Hope you enjoyed this short summary of my experiences and background! -Fouad Ahmed


Powerlifting is judged based on 3 main lifts that use a barbell weighing 45 lbs: Squat, bench, and deadlift. These lifts are then calculated into a total of the heaviest 1 repetition maximum lifted for each of the lifts.
For example, someone squats 200, benches 150, and deadlifts 250. Their total will be 600 and that is the number they get judged on. There are other methods people get judged on, such as a "Wilks Number" or "DOTS" which weighs your total towards your weight class.
***Latest Lifts & Personal Records *** (Look at barbell for total)
Squat 1x370, 320x3 SSB
Bench 1x290
_Deadlift _ 445x2
Predicted Total Beltless is over 1,100Chess
Chess is ranked based on games won and lost compared to the ability of the player against other players. I believe Lichess uses an ELO rating scale which is a scale used to define a player's ability.
Lichess Ranking ~ 1410Other Hobbies
Captain of the league-winning intramural team at OSU-Mansfield (Fall 17).
Member of the intramural team at OSU-Main Campus (Fall 18)
Founder of OSU's largest pick-up soccer group chat (350 and counting); Largest attendance ~ 40 people.
Basketball :
Captain of an intramural basketball team (Spring 18)
I joined a class of Arabic line dancing at OSU through the Art of Freedom Dance Group. It was a very fun class where I got to learn about all the different types of Arabic line dances and choreography.

More Hobbies

Art & Photography
I have been very involved in the arts since high school. I started by taking Art Foundations courses, Drawing courses, leading into International Baccalaureate Higher Level Courses leading to presenting my artwork at an exhibit at my high school in Westlake, Ohio. This leads me to keep my interest in art by creating more art pieces independently through the digital medium, as well as visiting museums. On the right, I am pictured at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In fact, I won the Commencement Week Photo Contest at The Ohio State University of Fall 2021.

Test Scores & Additional Skills

Dental Admissions Test Scores:
(17/18 is the average, 19/20 is top 25%, 23+ is top 1%. The test is scored out of 30.)
Academic Average: 20
Total Science: 20
Biological Sciences: 18
General Chemistry: 19
Organic Chemistry: 24
Reading Comprehension: 17
Quantitative Reasoning: 20
Fluent in English
Fluent in Arabic
Beginner in French
Experienced with all Operating Systems (Windows, macOS, ChromeOS)
Experienced in all Microsoft Office Programs, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
Familiar with Photoshop and SPSS.

Everything Dental Related

Dental Assisting
Angel Dental Care 2023
Locations: Slavic Village ,W117th , Willoughby Locations
Dental Shadow-Assisting
City Dental Care
Dental shadowing
City Dental Care- Fairview, OH
Hayat Dental Centers - Lorain Ave Location
The Kid's Dentist - Mentor Location
The Kids Dentist - Westlake Location
Bright Now Dental - Brookpark, OH
Bright Now Dental - Elyria, OH
Mentor Pediatric Dentistry - Mentor,OH
Westown Dental Cleveland, OH
- Ohio Dental Association Convention
at Columbus, Ohio (Fall 2021)
- Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Event
at Chicago, Illinois (Spring 2022)
ASDA National Leadership Convention in Chicago, Illinois (Fall 2022)
- The Ohio State University School of Dentistry ASDA Leadership Retreat in Columbus, Ohio (Spring 2023)
Dr. Robert A. Kalina Scholarship - 2023/2024


In our D1 Year, we focused on the following procedures:
- Class I Restorations
- Class V Restorations
- Crown Preparations
- Temporary Crowns
- Facebow Transfers
- Impressions
- Basic Radiography
In our D2 Year, we focused more on things like:
- Class II, III, IV Restorations
- Bridge Preparations
- Bridge Provisionals
- Veneer Preparations
- Dentures/OVD
- Removable Partial Dentures
- Basic Orthodontics wiring, Hawley retainer, etc.

Tutorials For Our Fixed III Course I helped create some tutorials for our Fixed Prosthodontics III Course

Facebow Transfer from our Dental Anatomy Lab. We took impressions from our typodonts (Fake Patient) and poured them into stone to see how the bite would look. Only the maxillary is shown here. Graded project.

Waxing of the Second Molar from Dental Anatomy Lab. (Ungraded practice)

OL Prep Preparation from a Graded Competency

Class I Preparation and Drilling from a Graded Competency.

Denture!! Full Project - from impressions to border molding to setting the teeth in wax.*

Ortho Lab Left = Hawley Retainer wires, prior to finishing. Right = Normal braces wiring bonded and banded.

Bridge Preparation Mandibular Molar and PM.